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Here you’ll find everything you need to know about “backyard leisure” in general. We aim to make this website your go-to destination when looking for anything related to your backyard and all the activities that happen there (serious stuff!). Whether it’s cooking, resting, decorating, entertainment… you’ll find everything you need to know here.

We simply love our backyard sessions where we can meet, chat, cook, rest, have fun and much more. But we realised that each time we looked up online for tips, recipes, devices or simply how to decorate the backyard, we could not find one and only website where everything would be presented in a simple and efficient manner to make out researches easier. Everytime we had to browse through too much information and jump from website to website. Here we go, that’s how we decided to create

To start with, as food is life, amongst the main topics we’ll cover, you will find reviews related to cooking devices as offset smokers, grills and BBQs. Let’s face it honestly: cooking outdoors -meat especially- plays a big role in people choosing houses with a big and nice backyard. But the choices are multiple and there are plenty of options on the market: it can be very tough to pick the best device for you. That’s why we have checked most of models available and reviewed them in different categories for you. We reviewed their features, characteristics, price and size in order to offer to you the clearest picture of each device you are considering buying. Reading through our buyer’s guide will help you make up your mind and take the right decision.

To be more specific, we will essentially concentrate on offset smokers, grills (pellet and gas) and ovens. These are indeed the backbone of a successful backyard cooking session where cooking expertise is highlighted and great food is expected.

We wanted as well to give you a comprehensive image of backyard cooking and added some useful tips, how-to, recipes and techniques to fully enjoy your grills and smokers. You will become the master of BBQ ribs, the lord of smoked brisket, the boss of marinated chicken wings and the hero of the whole family (and neighborhood?)

Make BBQ with

What else goes along with a nice warm afternoon in your favorite spot in the house, i.e. the backyard? A nice cold drink of course. A fresh cold beer helps you keep the cool while handling all the heat produced by coal, fire, grilling sausages, burgers and all sorts of things that can be grilled. Keep in mind that alcohol has to be handled responsibly, especially when you are surrounded by potentially harmful devices and burns are just around the corner. Though, not all drinks will have to be filled with some liquor or alcohol based and we will prove you that. There are plenty of options right out there and we will be sharing with you our best cold drinks recipes that will please everyone meanwhile the meal is getting ready.

But let’s be honest, indeed, ice-cold drinks are absolutely fabulous and greatly appreciated (needed?) by the grill during warmer days. That’s why we will also go through some outdoor fridges and ice machines to complete your backyard kitchen. Some fridge models already have an ice-maker included but separate ice-machines might be more suitable if you are planning on big volume of ice cubes or if you plan to plunge your drinks straight in an ice pile. They can also be very economical as you most likely will shut them down during winter times whereas you’d tend to keep the fridge running to keep some food within easy reach for your bbq grill or simply to keep some extra food there.

At we feel generous and will share also recipes of warm drinks too! Cause winter time is no excuse to stop the fun of BBQ. Many food recipes and drinks are very suitable for winter times and will warm you up during a beautiful cosy winter day. Imagine you could be cooking your Christmas dinner turkey on a grill while sipping a hot gin punch, some mulled wine or a traditional eggnog… easy right? There’s no right season to spend time in your garden/backyard: everytime is a good time.

To keep you warm even outdoors during a chilly fall evening, we will also go through a couple of equipments and solutions that you can place in your backyard/terrace in order to maintain a pleasant temperature. This will help you to extend the summer and those nights where you can stay out and not freeze. There will be detailed reviews of outdoor heaters, fire pits and fireplaces and so on… It can also be very fun to take advantage of having a fire pit to directly cook some sausages and grill some marshmallows. Awesome time guaranteed.

By now you see how we wanted this website to be your one and only stop to everything dedicated to your backyard and more precisely everything that gravitates around outdoor cooking. Though, to truly enjoy the time in your backyard, it has to be welcoming and cozy. There are many ways (cheap and more high end) to achieve that. We will try to give you as many options as we to get you inspired in creating the backyard of dreams and your favorite spot in the house, if it’s not yet the case. Tables, chairs, parasols, benches, sun loungers, bean bags etc… Whatever you need to arrange your backyard.

We hope that you’ll enjoy browsing through our website and reading our reviews, articles and tips. We are really committed in publishing the best and most useful content and any feedback is greatly appreciated and we’ll be taken into consideration. We believe that everyone who rents or owns a home with a garden, backyard or patio will love spending their time outdoors when it’s properly equipped, welcoming, cozy and synonym of quality time.

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