About Us

About Us

MyCozyBackyard is a website lead and entirely managed by a team of passionate people. Real enthusiast of the outdoors live. Starting by your own garden or backyard. We always aimed to get a website that would be the most comprehensive as possible, easy to navigate, user friendly and full of useful resources as well as extra tips and pieces of advice. 

We chose to focus on everything backyard related and decided to split this joyful mix in different categories. As of today you’ll find:


This is really the activity that pushed us to create MyCozyBackyard. We love garden cooking, smoking, grilling and bbq. It’s an art that has been around for a while and its main principle is still strong but there’s always a new technique, a new tool, a new technology that comes in and shakes a little bit the things. In this section you’ll find mostly appliances reviews, material reviews, tools comparisons, buyer’s guides, some tips and recipes.


What would a backyard be without a little piece of green? Gardens are really the extension of your home and you want to be as well outside as inside. Afterall, you also paid for that space when you purchased your home, so you might as well enjoy it. This section will have a lot of heavy tools reviews, how to optimize your space, use your plants, tips and guides.


The cherry on the cake of your outdoor space. If you want to host a party, hand outdoors or just chill on your own in your backyard, furniture is what will do the trick! You can put some simple plastic tables and chairs of course, but there are definitely some easy and cheap ways to elevate and upgrade your outdoor livable space and that’s what we’re going to explore in this section.

Outdoor Heating

Enjoying your backyard in the summer but wishing you could just enjoy it a bit more? Think of outdoor heating. There’s totally a chance to extend the time that you spend in your garden when adding some outdoor heating, and there are several options for all the budgets and all the situations. Those frisky fall nights will not be a problem any longer

We hope that you enjoy checking out mycozybackyard.com. We strive to bring you as much useful information as possible as well as making your visit a pleasant moment.