Best Backyard Swings For Adults Reviews

Are backyard swings for adults the next big thing ? 

Whether you have a big garden or a small backyard, it’s natural to want the most out of it. The outdoor space is a big component of your house. It’s an extension of your living space. As such, if you give importance to your interiors, you would also give it to your outdoors. 

Did you think thoroughly about how to maximise the space inside your house and how to make it as cosy and warm as possible ? Evaluating very carefully every single piece of furniture and decoration and how to place them? It’s an important process when trying to make a household out of a house. You’d put your heart and mind into it to achieve that heartwarming result you always wished for and dreamt of. 

For your outdoor living space, it’s the same principle. People invest a lot on the inside and tend to overlook their front porches, patios and backyards. It can be because of a lack of time, budget or simply inspiration. But investing time, effort and passion into making your outdoors cozy and comfortable will really make you want to enjoy them more. It’s a win-win situation. Now you’re going to extend the livable space from indoors to outdoors and will be able to make the most out of it. 

There are different ways to make your backyard cozier, more stylish and more comfortable. In this article, we will focus on backyard swings for adults. 

A little history first of all : the oldest representation of swings in history goes back to about 1450-1300 before christ in Greece through the form of representation. Then, it appeared gradually in the history worldwide from monarchy that used it as a recreational medium or more recent history (the 1900s) where swings started to be installed on children’s playgrounds. 

There are several types of swings in general, and mostly, when you think of a swing set, it’s meant for children. However, some types of swings are specifically elaborated for adults and mostly found on private patios and porches. Here are the main types of backyard swings for adults:

Porch swings: probably the most classic ones. They tend to be placed on the entrance porch by securing the swing’s suspension to the porch ceiling and then ropes/chains come to attach it to the main structure. The main body is often made out of wood, and resembles a bench (for 2-3 people) with armrests on each end. If you like to spend a considerable amount of time on your porch swing, you might want to consider installing also some roll up blinds for extra privacy.

Canopy swings: the second most popular option for patios and backyards. It is the same principle as the porch swing, but instead of securing the suspensions to the ceiling of your porch, they come with a frame of their own. Thanks to this fact, you can be way more flexible on where you want to place them. Also, it allows you to avoid doing some invasive work to your home’s structure. 

-Hammock swings: these are a little bit a hybrid type amongst the adult swings available. They are usually more lightweight, the materials are more flowy and they are usually more aimed to lay down (rather than to sit). However, manufacturers have improved some models to suit better our modern lifestyle and the comfort that’s expected by homeowners. Now, you’ll find models of hammock swings that are suitable for sitting (one on more), that you can hang on the ceiling or that come with their own supportive structure.

Egg swings: you probably saw those fashionable egg seats in fancy interiors or patios. They come also as swings. They are usually shaped as a half egg and come with their own supportive frame or can be hanged. 

Glider swings: we decided to incorporate gliders in this review as they are easily considered as swings even though their rocking motion is not as important as for the other types of adult swings. This motion can be compared to the one of outdoor folding rocking chairs. It’s a more gentle back and front type of movement, with a smaller distance range. They can be more suitable for people with reduced mobility for exemple. 

Now that the different types of swings have been set, let’s have a look at the best models of backyard swings for adults that are available on the market for you. They will help you make your patio/porch/garden/ backyard super comfy and you’ll want to spend there way more time there, just relaxing. 

We tried to give three options for each category, and the swings presented are not ranked in any specific order; just sorted by category.

Porch Swings

Jack Post CG-05Z Country Garden Swing Seat

Jack Post CG-05Z Country Garden Swing Seat, Bronze

This beautiful porch swing is pretty simple but will fulfill all that’s required from it. It can accommodate two adults and can support up to 500 lbs. It is made out of tight grained hardwood and is pretty sturdy. The steel of the armrest and the general structure is powder coated to prevent and limit corrosion. The colour is a neutral wood brown and will fit most of the set-ups. You can, and it’s recommended, add protective stain to the wood before you assemble it to protect it further from harsh weather conditions. You can also paint it if you wish but the natural colour is pretty as it is already. Everything to assemble and hang it is shipped with the swing and you should not encounter any trouble getting it together. 

Seats: 2 persons

Weight: 30 pounds

Dimensions: 52 x 27 x 24.75 inches

Capacity: 500 lbs

Porchgate Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Roll Comfort Treated Porch Swing With Chains

Porchgate Amish swing with chain

A very elegant model of porch swing. The build is solid, but the colours and the harmony of the structure give a fine finishing touch to this outdoor piece of furniture. It is made out of kiln-dried pressure treated pine. The slats are smartly positioned at the edges, (bottom of the seat and top of the backrest) in a round way, so that you are sure it will be smoother on the feeling for your legs and back. 

The cleverness of the design can also be felt in the positioning of the armrests: they are placed really on the outside of the structure to maximise the comfort and seating space. They come also with a nice extra, a cup holder; and you can fit any cup, glass, drink that has a diameter smaller than 3 inches. For extra safety and caution, the slats do not have any sharp edges. The hardware is corrosion resistant and comes into a beautiful yellow zinc that suits perfectly the colour of the slats.

You’ll have the option to get this swing in 4 foot or 5 foot. The chains will be enough to hang it from a standard 8 foot ceiling

Seats: not specified

Weight: 55 pounds (small model) and 65 lbs (bigger model)

Dimensions: 52W x 28D x 20H inches (4 foot model)

Dimensions: 62W x 28D x 20H inches (5 foot model)

Capacity: 800 lbs

Best Choice Products 3-Seat Outdoor Steel Converting Patio Swing Canopy Hammock with Cushion

Best Choice Products 3-Seat Outdoor Swing with cushion

Can’t be bothered hanging a porch swing? Outdoor swings with canopy for adults are the best option for you probably as they come with their frames. You’ll be able to simply deploy it anywhere you want: your porch, the garden, a patio or your backyard. This specific model is designed to accommodate up to three people. Or one, if you feel like laying down for a nap. The manufacturer actually thought about this fact and the backrest part can be pulled down to transform this swing into a flatbed. 

The frame is made out of tempered steel with a powder finish for better longevity. It’s delicate but it’s sturdy and solid. The cushions are also provided and not only are they very comfortable but they are also stain resistant and weather resistant, to make sure you can enjoy their comfort for a long time. They also come in three very cosy and fashionable colours: burgundy, brown or beige. The canopy is very practical and totally adjustable; you will be able to decide and control it for full or partial shade. 

Dimensions: 73″(L) x 44″(W) x 68″(H)

Weight: 82 pounds

Capacity: 750 lbs

Seats: 3 persons

Best Choice Products 2-Person Outdoor Large Convertible Canopy 

Best Choice Products 2-Person Outdoor Large Convertible Canopy with removable cushions

Here you have a very simple but effective canopy swing that will please the little budgets. Indeed, it’s pretty affordable but it will make your garden go from empty to cozy real quick. 

The frame is powder coated for better weather and tear resistance, and the canopy is UV resistant. It will accommodate up to three people for 450 lbs. The canopy can be adjusted and you can tilt it up to an angle for 45 degrees to uncover the sun or protect you from it. 

This canopy swing comes in a few different shades: beige, blue, brown, burgundy and grey. 

Dimensions: 67.5″(L) x 41″(W) x 60.5″(H)

Weight: 40.8 pounds

Capacity: 450 pounds

Seats: up to 3 people

PURPLE LEAF 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing with Weather Resistant Steel Frame, Adjustable Tilt Canopy, Cushions and Pillow Included

PURPLE LEAF 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch

This canopy swing screams style and elegance. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that will elevate the looks of your outdoors. It’s chic, but it’s sturdy. The frame is made of powder coated, rust resistant steel and can support up to 600 lbs. Usually enough for three adults. 

The canopy is adjustable for you to enjoy or avoid just as much sun as you want. We love the details that are available on this luxury swing, like the two foldable side tables. You can place there your phone, your drink or your book, whichever you find handy. The cushions are comfortable and elegant and come in a neutral neige tone that will complement most setups. The canopy is removable adjustable thanks to a rotating button. 

Dimensions: 68.5″(H) X 74.4″(W) X 50.3″(D)

Weight: 93.9 pounds

Seats: up to three people

Capacity: 600 lbs

Hammock Swings

Y- STOP Hammock Chair Macrame Swing

Y-Stop Hammock Swing Chair for Indoor and Outdoor Use (White)

Here is our first pick in the hammock swing category. It’s not a traditional porch swing, but could be considered as one. This very nice model is quite stylish, and has a hippie look to it. It is for one person and can support up to 320 lbs. This chic, bohemian style hammock will bring a cool vibe to your porch (or your indoors) with its crossed lace pattern and its pending fringes.

The material used is 100% cotton and is hand-woved. This swing for adults is also safe for children and is very comfortable to spend a pleasant, relaxing moment. You can swing away or twist over yourself. You can hang it either through it’s two extremities (ropes) and make it look more like a traditional swing or join its both strings to the main suspending rope.

Dimensions: 80cm / 31.5inX60cm / 23.6in

Height: 47.2 in / 120 cm

Weight: 8.98 pounds

Seats: 1 person

Blissun Hanging Hammock Chair

Blissun Hanging Swing Chair with Two Cushions

Another beautiful, funny hammock swing. It has a slight different look to the other hammock swing as this one has a structure that is more flexible as… there’s pretty much no hard frame! As you can see from the picture, this swing is pretty much fabric. The only thing that is hard, is it’s main hardwood spreader bar “stick” that keeps it fitting like a chair rather than a proper hammock. The rest is composed of cotton and polyester. 

This hammock chair swing is equipped with two seat cushions, made of soft quilted fabric for extreme coziness and comfort. The fabric also comes with UV resistance in order to last better in time. Be aware, the hanging rope is not provided with this product

Spreader bar: 47 inch hardwood

Seat Size: 30-40 inch wide seat

Capacity: 265 lbs

Weight: 5.69 pounds

Seats: 1 personDimensions: 40 x 34 inches.

Egg Swings

Patio Hanging Egg Chair with Stand by Gheda

Gheda Basket Swinging Chair

Egg swing chairs have grown very popular in the last years (not to say decades) and they are suitable for insides as they are for outdoors. We wanted to bring this one to your sight as it’s one of the rares that is provided with its own stand. These egg swings are also known as pods because of their shape. You can hang them to the ceiling or they can come with their own supporting frame (like this one). 

These outdoor swing chairs are ideal for a patio or a pergola. The aluminium frame and steel stand of this swing make it solid, sturdy and rust resistant. This cozy swing comes with a comfortable, washable cushion and a head rest. This will make your new favourite seat the best place to take a moment to unwind, to breathe, to relax. Something pretty seldom and very precious for hygiene: they come with a zip, so you can remove the inside and wash the outside cover. A beautiful, timeless, piece to have in your garden, backyard or patio.

Dimensions: 78 inches(L)x38 inches(W)x 38 inches(D) → all

Dimensions: 29.2 inches(W)x 25.6 inches(D)x42.5 inches(H) → all

Capacity: 350 lbs

Weight: approx 49 lbs

HLJ Double Person Patio Hanging Chair

HLJ Outdoor Wicker Swing Hammock Swing Egg Chair

We really wanted to introduce this option to you as it’s pretty rare to see on the market a pod swing for more than a person. This 2-person patio swing model can accommodate up to two people.

The design is classic to a pod chair, but larger to provide enough room for seating two people. As you can guess, the framing structure and stand are pretty sturdy and solid. The metal is powder coated. The cushions come in an easy grey and there’s a zip to get the cover off and wash it. The cushions are also separated from the headrest for better comfort. 

Dimensions: 63”L x 43.3”W x 73.3”H (all)

Dimensions: 51.2”L x 25.6”W x43.3”H; (seat)

Weight: 84.88 lbs

Capacity: 450 lbs

Seats: two people

Glider Swings

Giantex Patio Glider Stable Steel Frame for Outdoor Backyard

Giantex Rocker Lounge Glider Chair

Glider swings are probably an underrated type. But they can provide a nice way to avail from both the steadiness and comfort of a chair and also the fun of a swing. This model is among the few offered on the market. The frame of this particular model is done with heavy duty steel that powder coated with premium materials to stand better the challenge of time and weather. The bench seat material is comfortable textilene fabric. 

This glider can have two people comfortably and the curved backrest is taught on purpose for better ergonomy. The main difference between a glider and a “proper” swing is the motion. The traditional swings have a way wider range of motion than gliders, which makes them safer to some extent. You basically swing peacefully back and forth; and if you don’t wish to move anymore, you can simply stop the swinging motion that is led by your feet and come back to a more restful position. 

Dimensions: 41.5″X28.”X37″(LXWXH)

Weight: 23.5 lbs

Capacity: 400 lbs


We hope this little review of the different options for backyard swings for adults was helpful to you and you could gather enough knowledge to go and pick the best swing for you. As you could see, there are many options to choose from and when they all look similar, their differences definitely make them apart.  We tried to offer you an option (or more) in every category for you to be able to pick with as much info as you could. If you are still unsure of which type of swing to go for, we recommend you to check out our handy buyer’s guide here below.

Buyer’s guide

Here is a small, concise, buyer’s guide if you’re looking to purchase a swing for your backyard, garden or patio. Essentially, the questions you need to ask yourself before you purchase a swing to evaluate properly your needs.

Do I need a hanging swing or a swing with a frame ? 

This will mostly depend if you want your swing to be on your porch or in your backyard. To some extent, it will mostly depend on whether you have a support to hang a swing from or if you do not. For obvious reasons, if you don’t have a porch, or if the ceiling is damaged or too low for some reasons, you won’t be able to hang any type of swing and you should go towards the option of a swing with a supporting frame. 

How many seats?

The standard swings for adults will usually accommodate two to three people. If you are looking for more, you might need to look for specialised manufacturers or get it custom made. 

Is an egg swing good ?

Egg seats or swings are very fashionable and elegant. They are absolutely good if you wish to have a swinging relaxing pod for an individual. Most often you can hang them indoors or outdoors. Beware though, if you wish to place them on a patio or a backyard, that they come with the stand, as they could be sold without

Is the canopy important?

Yes. Most backyard swings for adults are meant to blaced outdoors, hence, you need some sun protection. Or at least, the ability to protect you if so you wish. Porch swings typically don’t have canopies because they are under a shaded area and are less prone to be placed in full sun. If your porch is exposed to the sun, try to place the swing in a partially shaded area 

What material should your swing be made out of ? 

The quality is a crucial detail to pay attention to when buying a swing. Sturdy powder coated steel that is resistant to rust is a must for swings with a frame. Solid wood and thick chains/ropes are necessary for hanging swings.

Are swings for adults safe?

Swing accidents are rare but they do occur. Though mostly not because of the manufacturing but rather because of the poor assembly or diy solutions. Swings are generally fun and safe for older kids and adults. For elderly people or for people that may have mobility issues, gliders might be a good option as they tend to have a gentler and smaller range of motion

How to maintain my backyard swing? 

Garden swings for adults, like many outdoor pieces of furniture require very little maintenance. However, it is advised to stain the wood to protect it for porch swings for exemple. If you won’t use your swing often and live in a place where it rains a lot, it might be worth covering canopy swings, removing and storing away the cushions if they have some and also storing away any hammock swings. Some cushions have covers that can be zipped out and washed, this is a really nice option to keep them sparking clean.