Best BBQ Tongs Reviews

A chef’s tools can matter just as much as his talent. Cooking, grilling, roasting, smoking is an art that can barely be done bare hands. You need a mix of several elements that will come together and create that unique perfect meal you are looking for. We are talking about fresh ingredients, fragrant spices, top appliances, smoke, fire, heat, talent… and good tools!

Can you put your hands directly on open fire? Neither can we! That’s why we need tongs… and we figured out that we will review the best bbq tongs on the market and help you pick yours.

It can certainly look not so important; but success will come from the attention paid to the little details; such as the tongs that you use. It matters while grilling or just on a more regular basis in your kitchen. 

We all faced those situations when some utensils did not live up to our expectations and let us down; especially at the wrong moments… To avoid this excruciating frustration while bbqing, you can always get yourself a bbq tool set that will include some tongs for sure. But if you are looking for simply the best pair of tongs, keep reading. You’ll find below the top five best bbq tongs (and a bonus one) followed by an faq to know all about bbq tongs.

Weber 6610 Original Tongs, Stainless Steel – Extra long, extra solid

Weber 6610 Original Tongs, Stainless Steel - Extra long, extra solid. 17inches (43cm) quality product.

No need for us to introduce weber anymore. This American brand is a major player in the market of grills making and they are renowned for their quality and solidity of their products.

Even though they are more famous for their grills and smokers, they also provide an extensive range of bbq tools, including these amazing, extra long bbq tongs. They measure 17inches (43cm), which will allow you to handle and grasp comfortably any food wherever it might be on your grill. They are made out of stainless steel and have soft-touch handles for a firm, yet comfortable grisp. They won’t slip out of your hands. 

They are dish-washer safe and benefit from a really unique front-end design. The tip of the tongs is not only scalloped, but also a little curved towards the inside that allows a really firm grip.

For a more optimised storage, these tongs have a lock-up mechanism at the grip end. You just need to pull the hook and they will lock.

OXO Good Grips 16″ Tongs Stainless Kitchen Tool – A solid classic

Solid and classic stainless steel OXO 16 inch good grips. Perfect fit for your grilling needs.

Here we have again another established American brand. Oxo is a manufacturer of home and office supplies including kitchen utensils. They are known for their wide range of products that they offer and their quality. Their good reputation is indeed out there and they stand amongst consumer’s favourites. In terms of tongs, you definitely have a choice: long bbq tongs, shorter ones, with silicone head or nylon head. 

We will focus here on the one that is the most suitable for bbq: the stainless steel version with uncovered ends. It comes in several sizes (9, 12 or 16 inches) and it’s perfectly fit for all your grillings needs. The end is scalloped and quite flat which will allow you to grasp the food firmly but at the same time be gentle with the food that is delicate. 

They are dishwasher safe and can be locked for space-saving storage

BBQCroc 3 in 1 Barbecue Tool – The more versatile

Unique bbq scissors tongs by BBQCroc. 3 in 1 grilling tool:  a spatula, tongs and a brush

This pair of tongs is probably the most unconventional entry on our ranking. We were actually wondering if they would belong more to the tong category or the scissors one… But they turned out to be a very unique bbq scissors tongs. Almost a category on their own. But as their main function is still to be used as tongs, they surely deserve their spot here. 

They are presented as 3 in 1 grilling tool, to act as a spatula, tongs and a brush! (and the also bottle opener, can be convenient)

Extra Light and Long Tongs, Spatula and Grill Scraper (Blue) (18 inch Without Flashlight)

These bbq spatula tongs have really an interesting design and ergonomy: their scissor shape allows you to firmly grasp food with more ease, yet more strength than with a usual pair of tongs. They are made out of food grade aluminium, which makes them very light (7 pounds) but pretty solid.

They are dishwasher safe and rust proof. They are heat resistant up to 350F. The span is quite wide (6inches) but not that long compared to the whole tool that is an impressive 18 inches. 

The “cleaning” option is quite nice and will fit most grills, however, we would still advise to have a separate cleaning tool and keep your cooking utensils only for cooking. 

If you like to go on trips/campings and enjoy taking your own tools, this bbq tongs and spatula in one is definitely a good option not to carry extra pieces.

DRAGONN Premium Set – The heavy duty set

DRAGONN Premium Set of 12-inch and 9-inch Stainless-Steel Locking Kitchen Tongs, Set of 2 - Sturdy, Heavy Duty Tong Set - Great for Cooking, Grilling, and Barbecue (BBQ) (Silver)

This is what you can call heavy duty bbq tongs.

Overall, a classic design, stainless steel material, scalloped edges and non slip rubber grip. We appreciate that the tongs come into a set of two different sizes: 9 inches and 12 inches.

You’ll be able to use one or the other according to your preferences, the food that you’re cooking/handling or your cooking appliance (massive home grill or disposable bbq). They are dishwasher safe and they also have the lock function for a more convenient storage.

Mountain Grillers – The best value for money

Grill Tongs for Cooking BBQ - Heavy Duty Grilling Tongs for Cooking & Serving Food in The Sizes You Need - 12 & 16" - Long Locking Stainless Steel Tongs for Kitchen & Barbecue - No More Burnt Hands

Another beautiful set of classic tongs that is really appreciated by the consumers and will do a great job in your backyard or anywhere you’re looking to take them. This set is massive: 12 and 16 inches, with wide scalloped heads and rubber non-slip grip. They are made of stainless steel and will resist very high temperatures. It also has a lock feature to close up the tongs when you want to store them.

This is a great value-for-money set that will please any bbq enthusiastic and will last.

The Bonus: The Star Wars BBQ Tongs – For the collectors

This star wars lightsaber bbq tongs might come as a surprise to even the biggest star wars fan! They are really the bonus to these reviews as they can act like tongs (of course) but are closer to a gift that you would want to get, as a fan, or to offer to a collector. 

The tongs are about 14 inches and the main metal part is covered with a red case that makes them look exactly like the emblematic one. Adding to that, if you add two batteries, you can actually create the sound effect by sliding the golden button forward.

Once you remove the protective case, they become classic (tuned) tongs. You can use them for a couple of burgers, sausages or some small meat pieces (chicken thighs, breasts etc…) but we would not recommend them for heavy duty jobs.

A nice piece to show-off, have fun, cook simply and put back on the shelf

Conclusion and Our Pick

After reviewing all of these bbq tongs, you can see that there are indeed more options than what it seems… Tongs, and bbq tools, are generally overlooked and when you start to dig into the matter, you discover that there many possibilities that are offered to you.

Our pick would be the DRAGONN Premium Set. They are robust, sturdy, durable, great to use and offer an amazing value for money. We also really appreciate that it’s a set and you don’t have to choose between two, overall, classic sizes.

Honorable mentions go to weber 6610 original tongs, that have an amazing quality and to OXO good grips that are amongst the most beloved by the public.


What are BBQ tongs?

These are a pair of tongs that is used mostly to flip and turn around food on a grill, a bqq or open fire. They are also used to firmly grasp food and move it around or relocate it to another place. They are usually stainless steel and are longer than traditional kitchen tongs.

What makes good BBQ tongs?

Because they will be used on high temperatures, grills, and open fire, bbq tongs need to be heat-resistant, in a good heat-proof material (stainless steel) and also long. Depending on how big your grill is, a long or extra long pair of tongs will be needed. This is part of the safety measures and helps ensure that the person handling the cooking does not burn their arm. They need to be solid and with a good build (to avoid bending or breaking under heavier foods/meat). Scalloped ends help you to catch easily chunky pieces of meat and allow you to also grab more delicate food without ruining it. Rubber ends are always welcome to help you grab the tool easily and prevent slipping. Good tongs also have the close lock mechanism to store them conveniently.

To sum up: 

  • -Heat-resistant material
  • -Good, solid, robust build
  • -Long
  • -Scalloped ends
  • -Locks
  • -Non-slip grip

Are tongs dishwasher safe?

Most BBQ tongs are dishwasher safe and require very little maintenance. However, it’s always better to check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can you use silicone tongs on bbq/the grill?

Theoretically, you could. But we would not advise that as it might simply ruin you silicone ends. They might melt or get damaged by the heat. Preferably, use classic steel tongs on a bbq/grill

What are the different types of tongs?

On top of classic tongs (with a type of oval end), you can find spatula tongs or scissors tongs.

Bbq tongs vs kitchen tong?

They might seem similar and they are indeed. But kitchen tongs are usually smaller and have silicone tips not to scratch kitchen pans. Bbq tongs are usually longer (to protect the forearm) and have steel tips, that are heat/fire resistant