Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View

Often, we love our neighbours. It’s always a plus to get along with the person/ family living right across or next to you. But often, you might want to make sure that you keep your privacy. 

After all, home is where you spend a significant amount of your free time, and maybe you also work from home, so you need this little haven of privacy.

Sometimes, this privacy does not come straight away with your home, and you need to create it yourself! That’s why we brought up to you this article on the top cheap ways to block neighbours’ views.

You decided to put up some privacy around your house but you’re not very sure on how to proceed from now? No worries, we put together this article exactly in order to help you with this. Whichever might be your situation, a solution will be available for you.

We decided to split this article in three main sections:

  • Backyard/garden privacy
  • Balcony privacy
  • Front porch privacy

This is simply to help you navigate through the options as each type of accommodation (house vs apartment) will require its own specific solutions.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best options to block neighbours view.

For Backyard/Patio/Garden

Homeowners are always looking for inexpensive backyard privacy ideas. Once you have the house of your dreams, it’s hard to imagine sharing that privacy and intimacy with your neighbours if you live in a somewhat populated area or if you have a townhouse; this is less likely applicable if you avail from a huge garden or if you live in a place where the closest neighbour is miles away. What is the best and most budget friendly way to achieve that? Let’s see what are the options out there.

Lattice screen

lattice screen for backyard

Probably the most popular and go-to option. They are affordable, esthetic, simple to find and easy to install. Lattice screens are usually made out of wood or natural materials, which makes them blend in nicely and smoothly in a garden. Alternatively, you can also find some in plastic. You can find lattice screens of all sizes and in a lot of shades (mostly neutral though). If you like flexibility, some of them are also foldable. The best of a lattice screen is probably the fact that you can get some beautiful vines to grow there. You’ll find a lot of planters (raised or classic) that have a quite high lattice. This will allow not only creating some privacy for your property, but also decorating your outdoors area. 

Outdoor privacy screen panels

outdoor privacy screen panel

Privacy screen panels, also called dividers, are also another great solution that allows you screening neighbours out. They usually come in tall rectangular shapes and are often considered also as a decorative piece. Unless they are a solid colour/material with no decorative cut-outs, they will usually be used to isolate a dining area in the backyard or be installed in the front porch as they would, otherwise, be too see through. Some have amazing laser-cut patterns that make them a great decorative element in a garden or backyard. If you want to really shut some indiscreet views out, the best is to opt for darker colours, resin (or any other solid material) privacy screen panels.


privacy fence or wall for your patio

The old good solution. This one is pretty obvious. If you want to isolate your garden from the neighbors next door and other passer-bys, you can simply build a fence or wall around your garden. The optimum option here is to call the services of a pro, but it might not come that cheap. You can also try to put a quite modest, simple, not too heavy fence around and you will probably get away by doing it yourself. You can, for example, find fence panels that you can install one next to the other. As for walls, whether it might be bricks, stones or other types of material, better check with a professional. But these would be the most solid, robusts and time standing solutions.


privacy curtains for patio

Same idea as you’ll see below for balconies or porches, curtains can be a cheap flexible solution. This would not be applicable for a full garden but rather for a defined outdoor area such as a dining area.

Pergola/roof terrace cover/canopy

patio pergola to get privacy from two story neighbours

If you live in a townhouse, chances are that you’ll have some buildings around you. And even if they are not so high, you still want to get some privacy from two story neighbors. You don’t want people to check on you from their balconies when you’re simply relaxing in your garden or backyard. Several options are available for this and according to your space, you could get a pergola, a fixed terrasse cover or a retractable canopy. These options will allow you to keep the curious sights away.

Landscaping solutions

If you like gardening or at least enjoy having a tidy and beautiful garden, this might be the option that will please you most. It might be the one that requires the most work but at the end, it will all be worth it. Here are the most popular landscaping ideas to block neighbors.


bamboo to create a privacy in backyard

Our old good friend bamboo. It grows high and fast so it’s an ideal plant to be used for creating privacy. Beware though of bamboo roots if you plant them directly into your soil as they tend to get a bit out of control. You can manage it by pruning and root barrier (unless you plant them in a planter of course).


tree privacy espalier

If you enjoy enough space to grow some trees, you can try to create a beautiful espalier. It’s a method that consist into pruning and tying trees to fences, walls or trellis so that they grow flat.


green hedge for privacy

Basic and lovely way to surround yourself with green. A nice tidy hedge can be really nice to create some privacy around your garden. Cypress, shrubs or privet hedge are traditional, reliable options.

For Balconies

Some apartments are lovely and can benefit from amazing views. In this case, you might not really have an issue with privacy if you find yourself on the 12th floor or so and no opposite building. However, some balconies in certain types of residence do not have high walls that properly separates you from your side neighbour. This can lead to some situations that might be awkward and more intimate that you’d wish to. Here are the best solutions to block neighbors view for balconies :

Bamboo roll up blinds

classic bamboo roll up blinds for privacy

These are really a classic, cheap and non invasive solution to get some privacy on your balcony from the neighbours of the next door apartment. Most often these rollers are bamboo but they can also come in natural materials. They can be placed on the side of your balcony, to protect you from nosey neighbours, but you can also place them on the front of your balcony, to avoid direct sunshine. If for some functional reason you cannot mount and fix them to the ceiling, bear in mind that some “hard” versions of these exist. They are bamboo privacy fences. Because of their hard nature, they won’t need much to stand and separate your area from your neighbour’s. 

High planters

tall green planters for balcony privacy

If you like to garden and have a bit of green on your balcony, tall planters can be an ideal solution for you. Thanks to their size, you’ll gain a significant space already only with the planter itself, then add some nice, tall, manageable plant and you’ll create a perfect privacy barrier. Bamboo can be a good option here, easy and fast to grow, it will reach the perfect height quite easily. You can always check for other plants accordingly to where you live and your climate.

Privacy screen

balcony privacy screen

Privacy screens are probably the most widespread and most accessible option. They come in different colours, different shades, patterns and you usually need barely any equipment or no equipment at all to set them up. They are a perfect solution for those who do not wish to invest or who are just willing to try out. They also require practically no maintenance at all.

For Porches/Front areas

Porches and home’s front areas are tricky ones. You want to keep them clear and open to see what’s going on in front of your door, and on the other hand, you might have installed a lovely swing for adults, a rocking chair to relax or even a little table set to enjoy some meals. So what are the options that could be suitable for this type of set up?

Outdoors curtains

porch outdoor curtains for privacy

Yes. This might sound simple but outdoors curtains are probably the simplest and most flexible option to get some instant privacy in your porch without blocking it all out. Those specific curtains differ from the indoor ones mostly by their fabric: it’s usually thicker, weather proof and more resistant overall. Though, some “regular” curtains will also do the job. Setting up curtains on your front outdoor areas will allow you the flexibility to secure them on the side and leave the view clear, or just draw them to get some privacy.

Roll up shades

Outdoor roll up shades

Roll up shades or curtains are also a good option for on-off privacy flexibility. They can be used on your porch just like on a balcony. For a porch, they are usually simply larger. They can be very handy to protect from the sun also. Handy and easy to fit and hang on your house front area, they are an ideal option.

Lattice screen panel

porch lattice screen panel

Lattice screen panels are also a nice option to get some privacy, yet keeping a sight on what’s happening on your driveway. Though, this is probably the most strict option because you won’t really be putting them on and off all the time… once they are installed, it’s meant to last. Some are very well done and will give you the right amount of privacy though letting you enjoy some views. The nice fact with this type of solution is also that you can add some greens into your porch; Ivy or any other vine would be an ideal plant to get on a gardening bow under the lattice privacy screen. It would then grow beautifully on the screen. 

If you’re not much into gardening, very realistic false ivy already integrated into the lattice fence exists too.


We hope that you enjoyed this article and found a good option for yourself. Everyone deserves privacy, especially in their own home. The options described are the most popular and cheap solutions that are widely available. This is only a guideline and you should always evaluate what would suit best your very own situation. Every person is unique and every home too.