Cooking category. Reviews about essential tools to have in your backyard to make that delicious bbq

This section will be dedicated to this fabulous art that is called cooking. More specifically outdoor cooking, which makes sense as everything on this website is about outdoor living. Cooking and food, in general, have been so trendy since the past few years that it feels like that everything that could be said, has been said. But looking more closely, it is not the case and we could notice that cooking gear, especially the outdoor one, has not been exposed that much. Reverse flow smokers have not been as popular as some avocado recipes, smoothies and acai bowls. Nevertheless, they are not less important, particularly if you have a garden or a backyard and enjoy outdoors cooking.

That’s exactly why we will go through the basics of what you need for outdoor cooking such as the elementary gear. When we say “elementary”, we basically mean some quality, long lasting, essential equipment. Such as smokers, ovens, stoves, grills and few smaller tools.

At the end of the day, you indeed don’t need much to make a wholesome, tasty meal. But the quality of equipment you use will make a difference on your cooking experience and on the final result you will get.

We will try to guide you at best through most of the options for outdoor cooking that are available on the market. We understand that for some it’s just a game, a sunday fun. For others, it’s a serious business or even a lifestyle. Some are beginners into the grilling game/ Others have mastered the art of BBQ ribs for already a little while. In any case, there’s always something to learn or some room for improvement.

Here are the main devices we will be reviewing throughout the articles:

  • Smokers: these are devices that are meant to maintain a low stable temperature and produce smoke so that the desired piece of food will “cook” in a specific way giving it this particular and recognisable smoked flavour. The food is surrounded by the smoke in a closed chamber. You can smoke almost anything but the most popular food is: meat, fish, sausages and poultry. Smokers can be powered by different sources of fuel such as electricity, gas, charcoal, pellets, woods
  • Grills: it is a device that produces high temperature by being gas-fueled and thanks to charcoal. Experts and enthusiasts continuously argue on which method is the best but we won’t discuss this highly animated topic. Concretely speaking, the food is typically cooking over metal/ceramic coated grates placed above the direct source of heat. That’s how the food is grilled at high temperature.
  • Outdoors ovens/stoves: these are simply liked their inner counterparts but built in a specific way so that they can fit in a garden or backyard. The food is placed inside of the oven and the surrounding heat cooks it. Ovens are usually easier to use because the temperatures and modes set-ups are quite accurate and automatic, hence the reliability and there’s no need to “babysit”. The last part though, may vary for wood-fired ovens. We will address this subject in a specific article that’s going to be completely dedicated to it.

We decided to mainly focus this section to reviewing all this cooking gear and help you make the best choice to equip your backyard. Whether you are a beginner or simply want to switch or upgrade what you currently own, we strived to get all the most relevant infos and details to help you go through this crucial process. Choosing some high-end, expensive grill or offset smoker is easy. What is it going to bring you? A competition machine where you’ll be able to do any single dish possible or a couple of thousands dollars less in your bank account and a device you under-use. That is why we insist: we want to help you making the best choice for you. Helping you to get the device that will match your expectations, needs, budget and cooking skills.

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