If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, a patio or a garden, you know how enjoyable these outdoors spaces are. Whether they are small or big, rocky or with a lawn, full of trees and flowers or simple, they always are a nice addition to a house.

Have you ever thought of your backyard as the extension of your home ? Or as your little haven of quiet and peace? Because that is what your backyard could be if you wish so.

We are here to discuss  all about backyards and unveil how to transform any backyard into a cozy, lovely place.

One of the most essential factors to consider to begin the transformation will be the outdoor furniture. You probably spent quite a considerable amount of time choosing your couch, dining table, decorative objects and every single piece of furniture inside of your house. The same  attention will be needed to pick the perfect outdoors furniture if you want to make your backyard really cozy. 

Often people tend to concentrate on furnishing their indoor space and leave the decoration of their outdoors space for last (maybe when finances and patience are a little less present). Or they overlook it, considering it a secondary space that they won’t use on a regular basis and put there some basic furniture.

The truth is, that the furniture you choose and the way you’ll arrange and decorate your backyard will determine how often you will want to hang there. There’s a difference between having a –somewhat- functional backyard and having a real outdoors living space. 

Outdoor spaces design is a real job, but if you want to achieve something really nice, cool and cozy by yourself, it is absolutely achievable. We are here to help with that: reviews, buyer’s guides, tips, best of kind lists etc… Your one stop place online to get inspired and turn your backyard into your favourite place of the house. After all, the backyard is inherent to the house, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Here you’ll see, at a glance, the type of furnitures that will be discussed  in this section (non-exhaustive list):

  • Tables: wooden tables, glass tables, foldable tables, high-end and entry level. All about one of the central pieces of your backyard.
  • Chairs: if you thought the choice of outdoors chairs would be easy… wait to see all the options that there is.
  • Table and chairs sets: if you don’t  feel like mix and matching, or if you are a fan of minimalism and simplicity; this might be the best option for you
  • Sofas: to be as comfortable in your backyard as in your living room
  • Sunshades & Parasols: necessary if you are lucky and live in a sunny area. 
  • Bean bags: another fun way to spend some chill time in the backyard
  • Loungers: a nap al fresco? a tanning session ? no problem, you can lay here -almost-as comfortably as in your bed
  • Lighting: to give the best atmosphere during darker hours to your backyard, we will review a whole range of bulbs, string led lights, lamp posts, spotlights and other options
  • Swings: a toy for adults. Swing chairs could become a little nest in your backyard and the cozyness there is just at its best

This section won’t consist only of reviews and tips. You’ll find some extensive buyer’s guides to help pick the best furniture for you and we will also give you the best practices  and proven methods to upkeep and maintain the new purchases for your outdoor space.

With all of this, you can see that working on your backyard can become your next project (even a passion?). It will be entertaining, fun, challenging but eventually rewarding. When you’ll be able to rest, hang and relax in your perfectly furnished cosy backyard; you will look back and appreciate all the hard work you put in. 

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