If you are lucky enough to own or live in a house, chances are that you have a garden. May it be small or the size of a forest. In any case, a garden can be the extension of your house; a place where you can feel cozy and enjoy some free time.

In order for you to fully enjoy all the cozyness, serenity and pleasure that your garden will bring you, you will need to invest a (little) bit of your time in the first place and keep up with some fair maintenance afterwards. But the result will be really rewarding and worth all of your efforts and time.

This section of will be fully dedicated to the arrangement, landscaping and maintenance of your next favorite place in your house: your garden. We will try our best to give all the tips & tricks and pieces of advice that you need to achieve a wonderful result and keep it that way. Alongside great and extensive reviews and buyer’s guides of course.

The aim of this category will be to give you all the tools you need and help you make your mind when picking all the elements that will eventually make up your garden. And because maintenance is key in keeping it looking neat and polished – or bushy and artistic, however you wish- we will dedicate a significant amount of articles to gardening tools and anything that will assist you in this task.

We hope that you will be able to create your own little haven, tailored to your needs and taste, where you will make the most out of the time and money investment that you have done. 

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