How To Make Your Own Patio Crochet Cushions

How To Make Your Own Patio Crochet Cushions

Does your current patio furniture look boring? Or maybe you grew out of it? Or it might be the case that it got a little damaged over time. There are plenty of fun ways to bring it back to life or bring some freshness to it, but today, we will focus on a specific way: crocheting. 

Crocheting is an entertaining, manual, relaxing activity that many adore. In our specific case, it will help you create and give a new look to your outdoors area by creating your own cushions from scratch. 

This pattern provides instructions to make customized crocheted patio chair cushions.

Things You’ll Need

  1. Fabric tape measure
  2. 4-ply 100 percent cotton yarn
  3. Size G/6/4mm crochet hook
  4. Cushion foam or fibrefill
  5. Scissors


Step 1 – Measure the seat of the patio chair to determine the cushion size. Measure both the length and the width. Determine the desired height that you wish your cushion to be. 

Step 2 – Double the width and height to determine the length of the initial chain. Multiple the answer by 5. For example, the width of the cushion is 16-inches and the desired height of the cushion is 2-inches. Double both amounts for a total of 36-inches. Multiply 36 by 5 for a total of 180 chain stitches.

Step 3 – Measure the chain to ensure it is the proper length. Add or remove chain stitches as needed. Each individual crochets with different tension on the yarn. The tension will affect the amount of stitches per inch.

Step 4 – Crochet a tight weave patio chair cushion using a single crochet in every stitch. Chain 1 then turns. Repeat the pattern until the covering is the desired length. Make a looser weave using a half-double, double or triple crochet stitch in each stitch across.

Step 5 – Match the two long edges of the cushion cover. Slip stitch through both layers of crocheting on one short end and along the entire long edge.

Step 6 – Slide the cushion into the crocheted cover. Continue to slip stitch the open edge together. When using fiberfill, follow the same process to connect the cushion covering. Insert the desired amount of stuffing then close.


Wash small crocheted cushions in the washing machine. Another option is to wet down the cushions with a hose. Scrub the surface with laundry soap. Rinse with the hose and allow to air dry. If you don’t use your outdoors furniture often (like in winter months), make sure to protect it with some outdoors furniture covers


We hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Remember it’s only one crochet option amongst plenty of others. If you feel creative, don’t hesitate to add colours and patterns of your own. Also you don’t have to do a brand new cushion; once you have the crocheted cover, you can put it on the cushions you already have. Also, even though this is mostly for larger pieces of furniture, feel free to do it even on regular pillows or chair pillows, so you can also take them along for extra comfort for your rocking patio chair for example.