Best Plus Size Patio Furniture Reviews

Thinking of refurbishing your patio but unsure what to opt for ? Let us guide you in this quest. We know that investing and decorating your outdoor area can be quite tricky and sometimes a brain-teaser as it’s a zone where the furniture can quickly get expensive and you won’t change it so often. So you want to make sure to invest in a style that you like but that’s also timeless, to make sure that you won’t grow out of it quickly. We would advise to go for some classic but plus size patio furniture. 

Timeless, oversized outdoor furniture is a safe bet to take when picking the pieces that will form your patio area. It used to be trendy to get several different pieces of furniture and accessories but now the trend tends to be more minimalistic and rather than occupying the space with details and pieces that create clutter. Nowadays, we see more and more designers opt for larger furniture to fill the space. Always staying into some calm, neutral tones, natural materials and classic designs and shapes, the trends for patio furniture definitely went into the bigger side. 

Extra wide patio chairs, heavy duty swing, extra large sofas; plus size outdoor furniture does totally come with its perks: extra comfort. It’s simply undeniable that plus size patio furniture will fit like a charm in every patio and will be approved by the whole family.

In this article we will try to help you navigate the world of plus size furniture for outdoors by suggesting some pieces to get in different categories: sofas, chairs, swings and lounge chairs. Then we’ll have a look at all the details that you need to pay attention to, and should consider when choosing your xl patio furniture.

Extra Large Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Amolife extra wide rattan sofa

Amolife 7 Pieces Patio Rattan Sofa Chair Set Outdoor

If you have a patio big enough or a large backyard, this is the main piece of furniture that you will need to furnish the area. It can be big, impressive and overall a statement piece. Most of the time, and it’s quite good, outdoor sofas come with a set. This amolife set contains 7 pieces. Yes 7 pieces that you can adjust in many different styles depending on your space, your needs and your preference. This large sectional furniture has 2 corner sofas and 4 single sofas that you can place freely. 

Each single sofa is 25.2 inches wide and the corner ones are 28.3” wide each, which gives a total width of 157.4 inches if you were to place them all next to each other. For better interaction and communication though, other configurations (like the one in the picture) are recommended. This rattan large patio furniture set is made out of high quality rattan and a strong steel frame. The glass on the table is high grade tempered glass. The seating is High-quality thickened sponge-filled cushions and they are easy to maintain and clean. This set will bring some elegance to your patio and you will want to spend a lot more time there.

Walsunny XL patio furniture sofa

Walsunny 7pcs Patio Outdoor Furniture Sets

Here is another beautiful example of a large, wide, outdoor sofa. In 7 pieces set by Walsunny has the same idea as the previous set: 7 sectional pieces that you can play around with. We love its chic design and timeless feeling. Outdoor rattan furniture never goes out of style. In terms of size, the 6 single pieces that constitute the sofa are all 29.5 inches wide, which gives us a pretty crazy 177 inches accumulated width.

Perk of sectional sofa, you can play around with the positioning and achieve your perfect look. This set is made of pe rattan wicker and a steel frame. It has an all weather resistant synthetic resin and is built to stand the test of time. The cushions are extra comfortable and come in a very classy and timeless blue. They are easy to maintain and clean as they have a zip and are washing machine friendly. The table has a removable tempered glass top.

Plus Size Chairs

Plus size chair set by Flamaker

Flamaker 3 Pieces Patio Set Outdoor Wicker

In the plus size furniture section, if you are not ready or cannot invest yet in a supersized sofa, a set of large chairs is probably the most suitable option. They are sufficient to hang out in this nice and cozy outdoor space without costing too much or taking too much space.

This beautiful and elegant set from Flamaker is formed out of 2 chairs and a table. The powder coated steel frame makes those chairs really durable and their high-quality hand woven rattan will resist very well to different weather conditions. Each chair can support about 250 lbs. The closed armrest and legs make these chairs very elegant and modern. Size wise, they have a nice large total width of 22.8 inches. The table will be a nice addition to put some drinks and snacks and enjoy them in your extra cozy backyard.

Heavy duty outdoor chair by Keter

Keter Chair for Outdoor Seating with Washable Cushion

If you are looking for larger furniture to fill up the space in your patio without cluttering it, this chair might be the perfect fit for you. Its very full look makes it very imposing and stand out. You can not miss it. Making it a perfect statement piece in your backyard.

The high-end look of rattan furniture gives a sleek finishing. The robust resilience of Keter’s polypropylene resin construction makes this chair really easy to maintain and very durable. The design of this extra wide patio chair is ergonomic and the cushion will add some comfort to the general relaxing experience.

Extra Wide Lounge Chairs

Oversized zero gravity chair

Oversized Zero Gravity Chair, Support 400lbs XL Wide Lounge Chair (4 inch Wider Than Standard Size)

This heavy duty lounge chair has been created specifically for people with larger frames. The manufacturer took a classic oversize recliner chair and tried to improve every detail of this chair to make it sturdier for tall and big people.

It can support up to 400 lbs and has a staggering width of 31.5 inches. The seat width itself is 24 inches. They have improved the bungee cord and metal frame for more robustness. You can choose between different positions to your liking. Either like a simple upright chair or like a zero gravity recliner. To fold and unfold this chair is pretty easy and user friendly.

PHI Villa XL padded lounge chair

PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Phi Villa is a manufacturer that does a lot of outdoor furniture and carries many xl and oversized patio chairs and pieces in general. Their style is classic but with a contemporary touch which makes it pleasant and easy to fit in many houses. It’s not going to be hard for you to find a piece that you like amongst what they offer.

This padded lounger, for instance, is not only wide, but also extra comfortable. It has a detachable head pillow. The fabric is durable, stain resistant, weather resistant and breathable. It has extra wide wooden armrests for improved comfort. You can also set it into a zero gravity position. Its dimensions are W29.14″ x D35.43″ x H44.88″ and it can support up to 350 lbs.

Heavy Duty Swings for Adults

PURPLE LEAF Heavy duty swing set for adults

PURPLE LEAF 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing with Weather Resistant Steel Frame, Adjustable Tilt Canopy, Cushions and Pillow Included, Beige

Swing sets for adults have been a really sought after item for a long time now. They just add some fun and something extra to any patio, backyard or garden. They please adults and kids. They are generally quite a large item, hence they are by default a plus size patio furniture.

In this category, we really liked the Purple Leaf 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing. It’s a nice, big canopy swing that will fit easily in most outdoor spaces. It’s a three seater but because the limit between each seating space is purely decorative, it’s easy to adapt to two or one larger person.

It is 74.4 inches wide and can support up to 750 lbs. This capacity allows this canopy swing to accommodate most adults. The adjustable canopy is a great addition to help you enjoy some sun or hide from it. The frame is strong and resistant. The cushions are breathable and weather resistant. This swing set for adults will definitely be a hit in your backyard.


Plus size furniture is now widely available, but because it’s such a large item, stores usually do not carry many options or do not carry any options at all. It’s an item that is better purchased remotely. You will have more options, more colours, more styles available.

There are some criteria that are important to look for when choosing an extra large patio furniture:

  • Material: check out if the frame is made out of steel, solid wood or any other robust material.
  • Price: check what’s available, get an idea of the pricing and decide which budget you can dedicate to your purchase.
  • Style: most of oversize furniture for outdoors carry a timeless design and they’ll fit easily in many gardens, but if you are looking for something specific, you might need to look further, to contact the manufacturer to see if they have other options or you might need to think of custom made items.
  • Size: check the area where you will fit your extra large furniture and see what are the maximum dimensions that you can shop for.
  • Maintenance: make sure that the materials used are solid, weather resistant or if, at least, they can be washed. Outdoors furniture should always be low maintenance.
  • Covers: if you are planning to place large pieces of furniture in your secondary house or maybe you know that you won’t be able to enjoy it all year around, make sure to find some suitable, large patio furniture covers.