Best Porch Swings Hardware Reviews

Best Porch Swings Hardware

As beautiful days are coming, you will want to spend more time outdoors. Soaking some sun, enjoying some fresh air and simply spending more time chilling outdoors. That’s where your porch area can come in and there are many ways to arrange it to make it welcoming and comfortable. Installing a hanging porch swing is one of the simplest ways to add a chill spot to your porch; and for that, you’ll inevitably need some porch swing hardware.

Whether you decide to build a swing yourself or to buy it, most likely you’ll also need to get the relevant hardware to hang it to the porch ceiling. It’s not going to be too difficult, but you will need a porch swing hanging kit and some tools. Porch swings are a lot of fun and everyone in the family will enjoy, but hanging them properly to the ceiling is a very important step of the installation (if not the most critical) and you need to make sure you have the right material and gear to insure your safety and the one of your beloved ones. That’s why the choice of a porch swing hanger is crucial and needs to be done carefully.

So, with all this being said, let’s discuss a bit more in detail about the hardware itself. How do you pick the best hanging kit for your porch swing ? It will depend on several matters, but typically when evaluating your options, the below points will be good to consider:


Structural support

First thing first; can your porch support several hundreds pounds? Most likely, yes. But you need to make sure of it not to be disappointed. You need to have a look at your porch and if it’s unfinished, you’ll clearly see where the joists are. If not, you’ll need to find them as joists (ideally 2×8) will be able to support the load. Understanding and making sure you have structural support is crucial. 

Weight capacity

What is the limit that the hardware can support? Often there’s a maximum capacity on the swing itself, and that’s based on the material the swing is built out of and its chains/ropes, but the hardware might also have one and it’s important to check it out and respect it.


If you’re planning to hang a porch swing for adults; it’s essential that the material of the hardware is solid enough. A strong material means that your hardware will last long and you won’t have to worry about it.


Alongside solidity, it’s also good to check quality. Often these two are mistaken, but sometimes they have different meanings. Here, we will recommend you to look at the quality of the material as in checking out if it will not rust or deteriorate too fast and if it’s going to be a smooth and silent swinging motion. The last thing you want to hear during your relaxing time is the creaking sound of your swing’s hanging hardware.


Last but not least, several different styles are available and also colours, it would be silly to pick the first hanging kit you see when maybe better options would have been available to match your porch.

Now, let’s cut into the heart of the topic! The best porch swings that are available at the moment! Here’s a selection of porch swings hardware and porch swing chains for you to choose from.

Porch swing hardware

Porch swing hangers

Typically, when you think about porch swing hardware, what is really meant is hangers. In order to secure your swing and hang it to the ceiling, you’ll need them. Most often the kits are composed of a hanging frame/bracket, rotating rings/bearings, hooks or springs.

The heavy duty porch swing hardware

Abusa Swing Hangers

abusa heady duty porch hangers

These swing hangers, that are amongst the best rated best sellers in this category, are made of premium aluminum alloy, which is rust free, and comes in various colours. You’ll be able to pick the one that will match best with the looks that you are trying to achieve for your porch. The bearing structure is made in a high quality way so that it can rotate smoothly and quietly, with no squeaking. This kit comes complete with screws, oval hooks and even a bottom sticker to help through the screwing process. The installation is quite easy and won’t require excessive time. The weight capacity for this heavy duty porch swing hardware is 5000 lbs.

Stainless steel porch swing hardware

ZNCMRR Heavy Duty Swing Hangers Set

zncmrr stainless steel porch hangers

This hanging kit is perfect if you have a porch ceiling that is concrete as it provides expansion bolts for concrete application and classic screws for wood application. This gives you the ability to be flexible on where you install your swing. This kit includes high quality stainless steel sus 304 bracket, washers, bolts, screws, lock nuts and rings that can rotate 360. It also boasts custom silent nylon bushing and lubricating grease specially designed to prevent metal rub creating a quiet, smooth, exceptional swinging, free of maintenance. The weight capacity is 1000 lbs.

Porch swing hanging kit

SwingMate Porch Swing Hanging Kit

SwingMate Porch Swing Hanging Kit

This American made kit is really interesting as it differs from most of the other options on the market through its heavy duty springs, that ensure a smooth motion and shock absorption. The springs are made with high-strength steel, which is zinc-plated and clear-coated to provide protection against weather elements. The movement is secure and quiet. The kit comes with everything you need for a wood application: the frame, the screws, washers and springs hangers. This kit can be applied also on concrete surfaces, but you’ll require concrete anchors that are not provided in this kit, but that you can easily find online or at your hardware store. The weight capacity is 750 lbs.

Best selling porch swing hardware

BETOOLL Heavy Duty Swing Hangers

BETOOLL 2400 lb Capacity Heavy Duty Swing Hangers

There’s no questioning that you will find this porch swing hardware kit in thousands of households across the country. It has great reviews and is definitely a customer’s favourite piece of hardware. They are so popular because of their quality and the ease to install. It’s a one piece iron casting, heavy duty and with really good quality. It can support up to 2400 lbs. But best, as per manufacturer is not to go over 2000 lbs. Mounting bolts are easily found but not included in the kit. The carabiners are included but some have been reporting that the snap hooks/carabiners were not as qualitative as the frame itself.

Porch swing chains

Sometimes, swing chains are also considered part of the perfect porch swing kit. Often, chains are provided with swings, but in case something happens, if you need to change them or you’re simply looking for something different, some options are available for you.

Barn-Shed-Play Heavy Duty Chain Kit

This zinc plated kit comes in two different sizes to accommodate swings in either 8 feet or 10 feet ceiling heights. It comes with two swing swivel lags with a snap hook that will help attach it to the chains. The chains will be delivered in two parts. For the 8 foot ceiling option, there will be a 54” chain and two 27” chains. The two smaller chains will be connected to the longer ones through a “S” hook. The weight capacity is 700lbs. Beware that the hooks to connect the ending of the small chains to the swing itself are not included, so you will have to order or get some solid and robust hooks.

Wood Tree Swings Porch Swing Chain Kit

Wood Tree Swings Porch Swing Chain Kit

Here is another chain kit, pretty simple and straightforward. It’s meant to be mounted on a wooden support. It’s maximum working weight capacity is 500 lbs. The kit comes with two lag screws, with swing bearing and rubber insert, two sets of chains, and two S hooks.


As you could see, it’s pretty simple to find a nice, affordable, robust porch swing hanging kit. There are many available on the market, with different price standpoints and different styles. As usual, the main factor here is safety. Before picking a kit, make sure it can support the weight of your swing and the potential human weight that will be on it. Also, make sure that your porch ceiling joists are (if they are not visible) so that you can hang your swing safely.

How to hang a swing porch Q&A

What hardware do I need to hang a porch swing?

All the options offered above are a great time saver if you’re looking to get a kit with all what you need in terms of hardware. No need to look, just click, order, receive and mount. If you’re looking to get things separately, at minimal, you’ll need: heavy duty screw eyes, screw hooks or eye bolts. S type hooks and chains or ropes.

Which way should a porch swing face?

If you are having a swing for patios, this might not apply, but if your porch swing is facing the front of your house, you’ll have to decide if you want to face directly the street for a more open view or if you want to hang it perpendicularly to the street. If you’re worried about nosy neighbours, you can always look out for a privacy screen for porches.

How do you anchor a porch swing?

Make sure to find the joists in your porch and that they are solid enough to support the load of your swing + people. Determine the right place where to set the two (or four) hooks/frames to which the chains will be attached. Drill the holes and anchor firmly and safely the hanging support.

How much weight can a porch swing hold?

This will depend on the swing itself and the solidity of the hanging kit. Always make sure to follow manufacturer’s guidelines on this regard.

How high should a porch swing be off the ground?

Typically, 17-19 inches is a good distance between the swing and the floor.

How much space is needed to install a porch swing?

These are pretty average measurements, but what’s generally recommended is to leave 3-4 feet in front and behind the swing and about 16 inches on each side of the swing.