Royal Gourmet CD1824A Charcoal Grill Review

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Are you new to grilling and BBQing and quite undecided on which model of grill to go for, if any? You are on the perfect page!

It can be quite overwhelming when you have to choose between hundreds of models of grills, BBQs, outdoor stoves and other fancy reverse flow offset smokers. Most people looking into investing in a nice grill know what they are talking about and have already some experience. But were they practising the smoking/grilling art on some proper high end grill for this whole time? Probably not. Everyone starts small and then steps up their game with time and expertise.

That’s why we are here to introduce to you the Royal Gourmet® Charcoal Grill. Royal Gourmet, alongside Weber or Saber, is a key actor on the market. This grill is perfect if you are looking to get into the grilling gang and don’t want to fork out too much. It has all the requirements to satisfy your backyard session with no need for technical skills, heavy maintenance or experience.

Let’s have a closer look to what it offers


This little gem is absolutely standard and will fit easily into your backyard or garden. It is quite compact and has a nice, sleek, standard look. You have here a bbq grill with a main body that has a lid and resides on top of 4 legs. The lid has a temperature gauge and a little chimney to evacuate the smoke while cooking and the handle is stainless steel. Out of the four legs, two have wheels for better and improved mobility. You will also find some convenient shelves on both sides of the cooking chamber and a bottom shelf linking all the legs to store some extra tools if needed. Here are its dimensions: 50.0″ L × 22.0″ W × 48.8″ H.


Once you open this grill, you’ll see that there are two cooking grates. The main cooking grate boasts a porcelain enamel steel wiring and spreads over 393 square inches. The second grate, which is also referred to as a warming rack, grants you some 204 extra square inches of chrome steel wiring for you to get some additional food that does not require such a high temperature (buns for the burgers for example).

Managing the charcoal and ashes

At the front of this device, you’ll see a handle to something that resembles a drawer. This is basically the charcoal pan. This little door is meant for easier access to the charcoal before or during cooking. The charcoal pan has holes everywhere over the surface in order to allow the air to circulate within this area. It will make the charcoal burn more efficiently and will increase the grilling efficiency. Also, when we are talking about burning charcoal, we can’t forget about the ashes left behind after you are done cooking…. Not to spend ages trying to clean the charcoal pan, there is a convenient ashtray placed just underneath the charcoal pan. You just have to take it out and cleaning becomes just like a kid’s game.

Temperature & grilling control

One more feature that is pretty particular and specific to this model is the charcoal pan height adjustment system. On the side of the little door that allows you to access the ash pan, there’s a crank handle that you can set up to different levels from 1 to 6. It is like a gear box and basically changes the height of the charcoal pan within the cooking chamber and grants you a real control over the grilling and cooking. Thanks to this system, you can regulate pretty accurately the distance between fire and the food.


Everything was thought about the user’s experience and how to make it as likeable and enjoyable as possible. That’s why you’ll find some nice accessories, or “extras” on this unit. On each side of the cooking chamber there are shelves to help you organise the cooking session: you can for example get some sauces on one side or some tools and get the dishes ready on the other. If you enjoy having a cold little beer or any drink while cooking, these tables could be used to place it. Talking about beers, there is a handy and convenient bottle opener on this bbq grill.


royal gourmet: best charcoal grill

We love the idea of the Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill: it is basic and efficient. This bbq grill is a must if you want or need a grill for your patio or garden. It will fit in easily, it is going to be easy to clean and maintain, it will suit all levels of cooking and it will deliver a tasty, flavourful meal. This bbq grill will fit perfectly your expectations for a solid device that can deliver meals for a dozen of people at once and that is easy, straightforward to use. 

If you like this model from Royal Gourmet, just know that there is a very similar model, the Royal Gourmet CD1824E 24-inch Charcoal Grill, that is slightly bigger, has more cooking space and the side shelves fold (though, they are slats rather than one full board).